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How to Turn Off a VPN on iPhone

Using a VPN is a great way to keep your data private. You can use a VPN to access blocked websites and hide your real IP. Similarly, a VPN can protect your identity while browsing the web. A VPN will also keep your data secure, which is a good thing if you’re worried about hackers. If you want to turn off your VPN, there are a few simple steps you can follow.

The first step is to open the Settings app and click on General. Next, you’ll need to scroll down and find the VPN section. After that, you’ll need to tap on the active connections option. Once you’ve done that, you should see the VPN and the green Connected button. Lastly, you can disable the latter by tapping Disconnect. In addition to disabling the VPN, you may need to reset your cellular and WiFi settings.

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The aforementioned VPN will not only encrypt your data but it will also save your battery. This is especially useful if you’re on a limited data plan. However, you won’t be able to turn off your VPN if you have the app installed in your phone’s memory. So, if you’re trying to turn off your VPN, be sure to clear your cache and other memory spaces.

As with many other apps on iOS, the VPN is not always the best thing to do. Sometimes, you need to do things the hard way. Thankfully, Apple makes it easy to disable a VPN on your iPhone. That means you won’t have to suffer through the dreaded disconnects and network crashes. While you’re at it, you can even turn off a VPN for your home network.

Depending on the iOS version you’re running, the steps required to turn off a VPN may differ from one another. For instance, the aforementioned VPN may need to be uninstalled from your iPhone’s app drawer, which is a pain. Similarly, you can also turn off a VPN by removing a third party VPN service.

The aforementioned VPN has its limitations, including draining your phone’s battery faster than you can say “no thank you”. If you’re unable to remove the app, the only other way to turn off your VPN is to go into your phone’s settings and do a hard reset. Not only will this restore your phone’s default settings, it’ll also get rid of any saved passwords or WiFi networks.

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Although the most comprehensive guide to the iPhone’s virtual private network isn’t available, there are a few ways to disable your VPN. Among them is the aforementioned VPN app and disabling the “Connect on Demand” feature. Leaving the VPN active can make your phone more susceptible to malware. It’s also not a good idea to turn off your VPN if you’re streaming content on your smartphone.

Other cool and gimmicky ways to turn off your VPN include turning off the aforementioned “Connect on Demand” feature, resetting your network settings, and finding the VPN’s name in the app menu.

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